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The agricultural sector in Ghana has a lot of market potential, for its own market as well as the sub-region and regional markets. The volume of imports for some basic food items of which Ghana has potential to produce keep on rising. A major challenge to agricultural production is the continuous use of rudimentary methods by a large section of our farmers leading to low productivity, high post-harvest loses and low income for the farmers (smallholder farmers- 80%) The need to make agricultural enterprises profitable through the use of technology, innovation and entrepreneurial skills is therefore very critical. This course explores knowledge in the use of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture.

This certificate course will explore importance of Agribusiness; Agribusiness career selection along the value chain; Concept, nature and needs of entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship Development Process and Business ownership structure; Decision making and starting a Micro Enterprise: Identification of Agribusiness venture opportunities; Screening and choosing a viable business venture for implementation.

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Christian Adjanyo

Christian Adjanyo